Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Present Day Site

Above graph is made by Michael Beirne.
Let's get a closer look of each part from the north to the south and to the east.

Now and Then:

Y - Storage
X- Power Plant

T - Woolen, Cotton and Knitting Mills, Tabacco and Printing Shops
U - Shoe Factory and Laundry
V - Dormitory

G - Guard Tower
S (north portion of) - Dormitory and Vocational Training building
R (north portion of) - Dormitory, Tailor Shop, Shoe Repair, and Bathhouse building

L - Hospital
N (of courtyard) - Water Tower
G (of courtyard) - Guard Tower 

The Penitentiary's courtyard now became the central plaza for Burnham Square Condominiums.

G - Guard Tower
E - New Hall

The Guard Tower and New Hall on east of now Neil Avenue.

M - Welding Shop
K - Tin Shop and Foundry
J - Machine Shop and Dry Cleaning
Z - Death House
G - Guard Tower
C (east portion of) - East Hall 
I - Catholic Chapel
H - Deputy Warden's Building
B - Honor Dormitory

The Catholic Chapel

The Death House

O (south portion of) - Dormitory and Storage

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The End of the Penitentiary

- In 1995, the State of Ohio sold the Old Ohio Penitentiary to the City of Columbus. The city then leased the grounds to Nationwide Mutual Insurance and The Dispatch Printing Co.

- The penitentiary was demolished to make way for new developments.

- The preservationist community started a campaign to save at least five historical buildings on Spring Street. However, the effort failed and the penitentiary was demolished.

March 1997, fifteen of the Ohio Penitentiary buildings fell to the wrecking ball.
January 1998, the roof has been knocked in and most of the administration building is gone.
A cellblock is demolished; the floor and individual cells are visible.
The hollowed-out interior of the prison.
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